Looking for information about the Gubal?

GubalThe Gubal® is a musical instrument. It was developed by PANArt Hang Manufacturing Ltd. on the basis of the Hang® and introduced in summer 2013.

Here you will find a well-arranged guide to the most meaningful information sources on this sound sculpture at the Web.

Totally new to all this?

Gubal is the right article for all those who don't have the foggiest notion.

On PANArt's Youtube channel you can find a number of videos, giving you an initial impression of the Gubal. For the playback of the videos you need good headphones or speakers. Otherwise you will completely miss the dark Gu sound, that is characteristic for the instrument.

Want to know more?

You can learn more about the Gubal on PANArt's website www.panart.ch.

From the Hang to the Gubal is a little illustrated history of the Gubal. It is also published in German and French.

The article Information about buying a Gubal in the Hang Library provides available information about how to buy a Gubal at time of the last update.

Want to dig deeper?

In the book Hang - Sound Sculpture the PANArt tuners Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer have summarized the most significant insights and inspirations, gained on their path to the Hang and the Gubal. It is available in German, English and French. Included is a CD with Gubal sound samples.

The Hang Library provides comprehensive access to all relevant publications from and about PANArt and its work.