Looking for information about the Hang Gudu?

Hang GuduThe Hang® Gudu is a hand played percussion instrument. It was invented by PANArt Hang Manufacturing Ltd. in the year 2015 and is offered for sale since end of October 2015.

Here you will find a well-arranged guide to the most meaningful information sources on the Hang Gudu at the Web.

On hangblog.org the article Hang Gudu gives an overview of the instrument.

PANArt has published a presentation page with online shop for the Hang Gudu on its Website.

Additional PANArt published a number of videos and audio recordings with the Hang Gudu:

Music after Work – Thursday Bal I + II
Hang® Gudu – Ein neues Panginstrument

Listening to these recordings you need good speakers or headphones, because the little loudspeakers in smartphones, tablets or notebooks and some earphones don't play back the deep sounds of the Hang Gudu's air resonance. With this video you can do a test if your device is suitable for Hang Gudu videos.

Exploring the Hang® Gudu is a new blog in English and German aimed at Hang Gudu players sharing experiences and insights on the instrument and its way of playing.

The Hang Gudu must not be confused with the Gudu Hang. This instrument was a Hang with an additional opening at the bottom side. It was built by PANArt from 2004 to 2007.